A burst in rainwater pipe yet again confirms the fears of Mahagunpuram residents

Posted: Jul 26, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

The fears of Mahagunpuram residents, a premium residential society on NH 24, were not unfounded — the pipes carrying rainwater again reported a burst today. Like Sunday, this time too, the pipes couldn’t sustain the pressure of heavy rainfall that had the city in its grip early morning.

Last Sunday, the management and the builder had somehow brought the situation under control, and had assured the residents of no future repeats.

But merely four days after the Sunday fiasco, heavy rains put paid to their claims.



A resident, Amit Chauhan, complained, “The measures taken were just temporary, and the real cause of the problem has been overlooked. Low-grade materials used by the builder in plumbing work is causing this constant seepage into the basement walls. And it could, over the years, trigger a big disaster. ”

Another resident, Joy, added, “The builder and the management were warned four months ago that such a scenario could emerge, but they only provided a temporary solution. The builder has repaired only the ruptured points. The main issue remains —seepage in the basement. I have been following the issue for the last four months.”

Water leakage has been a problem in this society and most flats that received possession last year are facing the brunt, conceded Chauhan.

There are 11 towers in the society. Four of them — Narmada, Gayatri, Kaveri and Godavari —were handed over to the residents last year.

Sheetal Tyagi, executive member Mahagunpuram AOA, explained, “Rainwater harvesting pit are filled to the brim, and this is putting excessive pressure on the pipes, causing the leaks in the event of heavy rainfall.”

Vice-President of Mahagun, Sachin Garg, tried to undermine the importance of the incident and said most societies today faced a similar situation. He also said a team is already working on the issue and things will be resolved shortly.

However, on the larger issue of seepage, he denied the claims of the residents and said seepage was happening only for a couple of flats — and could not be generalised for the entire society.



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