PHOTO KATHA: Here a tree, there a tree... everywhere a tree

By Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jul 30, 2018

Come rains, and everybody panics out about a dengue outbreak. But the planned city of Dwarka, with tree-lined roads, has to contend with a rather unusual foe -- toppled greenery on roads, a grave threat to commuters.   

Hundreds of trees have already toppled in the rains, but there are many that are about to fall, posing a life risk.

Experts say that the trees are toppling this easily because of less breathing space for the roots, heavy canopy and infection due to termites.

Commenting  on the issue, Deputy Director of Horticulture DDA, Zameel Ahmad, said , "The trees would be pruned to evenly distribute the weight of the canopy. We'll have to think of a different solution for trees that are about to fall. Trees that are already dead and have come loose would be cut down,  as we have asked the forest department to take care of it."

Here's a look at the scene on the ground:


A dead tree about to fall in Sector 9


In Sector 18, a tree reclines dangerously on the main road


A sheesham tree about to fall in Sector 14, near Kautilya Apartments and Radhika Apartments


A toppled tree on the footpath, along master plan road 201


A toppled dead tree just outside the DDA park 





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