Is planting saplings enough?
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Is planting saplings enough?

During a tree-planting drive today at the Sector 18 neighbourhood park, residents raised this issue before the area councillor.  

Is planting saplings enough?

Planting trees is only the beginning, but what about taking care of the saplings? The fact was highlighted by residents during the tree-planting drive organised today at Sector 18 neighbourhood park.

About 680 saplings were planted in the park under the jurisdiction of SDMC.    

Residents also presented their demands before the area councillor, Nitika Sharma, who was present at the drive. They requested the councillor for a high-mast light, an open gym and multi-station swings and slide for the kids in the park.

Madhu Dagar, a resident from Crescent Apartments, said to City Spidey, “This park is under the corporation. We planted the saplings, but they have not been taken care of. We want it to be developed — RWAs in the area are keen for the same. The councillor has assured us of help.”

Residents also spoke about the damaged service lane in front of societies such as Belur Apartments, Crescent  Apartments, Excellence Apartments, Satyam Apartments and Majestic Apartments.

Secretary of Crescent Apartments, Kalpna Dhall, said, “The service lane is full of potholes. There’s no light either. There are vendors who cause great nuisance. I request the councillor to resolve these multiple issues."