That pond beside Gaur Valerio is a mockery of GDA advisory
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That pond beside Gaur Valerio is a mockery of GDA advisory

Just across DPS Indirapuram, a construction site the size of a football has been left dug up, with rainwater steadily filling up. But the builder seems to be in no hurry to drain out the water... 

That pond beside Gaur Valerio is a mockery of GDA advisory The waterlogged construction site across DPS

Just across Delhi Public School (DPS) Indirapuram, you’ll see something of a pond. A closer look will tell you it’s a construction site. It has been eight months since work came to a halt there.

The site, the size of a football ground, has been left dug up like that, with rainwater steadily filling it up.

A resident, who didn't want to be named, informed City Spidey that a legal wrangle with DPS brought work to a halt. The school had objected to the pollution caused from the stone-grinding machines at the construction site of Amba Realtors Pvt Ltd.

“It was impacting the health of the students,” the same resident informed.


The stone-crushing machine on the premises


Adjacent to the site, there’s another construction site by the name “Angel Jupitor”. The heavy rainfall last Thursday had caused a mudslide at Jupitor’s construction site, leading to the caving in of the base of the boundary wall of the adjoining society, Gaur Valerio.

Such incidents were reported widely across the city after heavy rains waterlogged the whole of Ghaziabad last Thursday.

In fact, these events led the GDA to issue an advisory to all high-rise apartments to pump out water accumulated water in their basement. It read: “The waterlogging in basements could lead to seepage in the foundation of buildings, which could prove fatal for the residents.”

After multiple complaints by Gaur, Jupiter’s management has finally started to pump out the water, but Amba’s management has turned a deaf ear to warnings by the GDA. 

When City Spidey got in touch with the GDA, they seemed unaware of the situation. "WhatsApp me the location of this site, we'll look into it," a senior GDA official said. 

The guard at the construction site says — almost conspiratorially — the land has become something of a marshland and no machine can get down to pump out the water.

The words ring with a menace that’s hard to ignore: “How stable would be this building if its foundation has been turned into a marshland of sorts?”

And there are immediate concerns as well... the stagnant water could most certainly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The concerns resonated in the words of a resident of Gaur Valerio: "This water could contain larvae of dengue mosquitoes. It’s quite dangerous for our kids, as well as for the students of DPS.”