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Dwarka: Sales of banned sugarcane juice rampant; people exposed to diseases

Posted: Aug 01, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

A resident of Sector-12 in Dwarka, Ravi Shankar, has been bedridden due to Typhoid in last few days. He had absolutely no clue about the causes of disease. But, when he visited a doctor, he came to know that it might be caused due to consumption of sugarcane juice or fruit salad.

Shankar recollected that he was very fond of having sugarcane juice and fruit salad which are sold on the streets.

He is not the only person who consumes these items on the roads. There are many other people who consume them regularly and fall ill. They are completely ignorant of the fact that consumption of these items in rainy season is very risky for health.

Considering unhygienic in the rainy season, the Municipal Corporation bans their sales from April to September every year.

According to sources, the corporation had put the ban from April 15 to September 15. But, it seems that the ban is just a formality as sales of sugarcane juice and fruit salad is prevalent especially in West Delhi.

In Dwarka, sugarcane juice vendors can be seen standing outside the parks or in front of weekly markets. A resident of Sector-9, Shashi Bhatnagar, said, “These practices are going on under the nose of the administration causing threat of water-borne diseases. These things should be dealt strictly.”

According to officials of the Municipal Corporation, there is a ban on food items which are kept in open and can cause infection. Also, there is a ban on fruits salad and any type of fruit juice which is openly made.

Municipal Health Officer, Dr BK Hazarika, said to City Spidey, “No one is allowed to sell juice or cut fruits or food items in open. This is dangerous to health and Corporation take actions against those who do it.”

According to SDMC data, they issued challans to more than 5,000 vendors and seized the stuffs of 900 vendors and 5540 small vendors. In total, 247 sugarcane machines were seized in SDMC area while 97 in Nazafgarh Zone.

Talking on the ill effects of sugarcane juice, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, said, “Sugarcane juice is often sold in open by the vendors. The atmosphere around it is often unhygienic and dirty. Also, the raw ice which is mixed with them is highly risky for health.”

“Drinking such juices cause water-borne diseases like Jaundice, Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Diarrhoea Typhoid etc. Also, it is the same for cut fruits which are sold in open. The corporation bans these items in the rainy season because of high chances of infection.”

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