Traffic signal near Crescent Apartments in Sector 18 Dwarka turns dangerous
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Traffic signal near Crescent Apartments in Sector 18 Dwarka turns dangerous

The intersection of Sectors 17, 18, 12 and 13 poses a challenge to residents as well as vehicle drivers with rising number of accidents.

Traffic signal near Crescent Apartments in Sector 18 Dwarka turns dangerous The intersection near Crescent Apartment in Sector 18 Dwarka

The residents of Crescent Apartments in Sector 18, Dwarka are a worried lot these days. The traffic signal adjoining their apartment, which is also the intersection of Sectors 17, 18, 12 and 13, has become a focal point of accidents and collision of vehicles.

Nitin Dogra, a resident of the apartments, says he can hardly sleep these days with the blaring horns of vehicles and increasing number of accidents keeping him awake all night. “Every now and then, we encounter an accident in the area. At times, we have seen two crashes in a week. The number could be as high as 20-30 accidents in a year,” said Dogra. His flat is closest to the traffic signal and he often has to rush to the scene to help out.

Dogra further adds that most accidents happen during night hours or early morning. With few traffic officials at these hours, vehicles at high speed usually try to jump the signal leading to accidents. “I have witnessed several fatal accidents and even collision of bus and truck. This is a serious issue and the Traffic Police must do something about it.”

A visit to the area will give you a clearer picture about why this is happening. The traffic signal being discussed is located at an open space at the crossing of two wide master plan roads. This gives the vehicles a clear and open passage to speed through.

Lately, there have been accidents during daytime also. Madhu Dagar, a resident of the society, shared, “Sometime back, Shahana—a maid who worked in our society—had lost her husband in one such accident. Loud screeching sound of brakes and banging of two or more vehicles has become a norm here.”

The residents of Crescent Apartments and Belur Apartments, located in the same area, are usually the first people to call police and ambulance after an accident. Sometimes, they even pull out injured from the vehicles and take them to the hospital.

The residents want the traffic police to take special measures to control the situation. Talking to City Spidey, the residents suggested measures like putting up barricades and speed breakers, and ensuring police presence even during night-time. “Let’s start by putting simple posters like ‘accident prone zone,’ ‘be careful,’ and reflectors,” added Dagar. Speaking on the subject, Traffic Inspector of the area, Rajender Singh, said the traffic police will look into the issue and do the needful.