Panicky Nilgais seek support
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Panicky Nilgais seek support

The environmentalists have planned large-scale protest against felling of trees in Noida. Will you support them?

Panicky Nilgais seek support

The environmentalists are quite furious about the large-scale felling of trees for making a bio-diversity park at Sector-91 in Noida. The forest provides an important green cover to surrounding areas and is a natural habitat for various species of wildlife.

They stressed that the deforestation will turn out to be very dangerous for the ecosystem. Many wild animals including Nilgai, Peacock and Deer have been seen wandering aimlessly as their natural habitat was destroyed by the authority.

As of now, the 60-70 per cent of trees in the area has already been felled and their number is in thousands. The environmentalists said that Noida has already seen felling of 8,000 trees at “Dalit Prerna Sthala” and stressed that it should not be repeated.

They have announced a large-scale protest on Saturday against the felling of trees and urged people to join the movement. They requested people to gather outside the Omaxe Forest Spa in Sector-93B between 4 pm and 6 pm.