Illegal parking creates traffic chaos on Dwarka roads
Illegal parking creates traffic chaos on Dwarka roads
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Illegal parking creates traffic chaos on Dwarka roads
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Illegal parking creates traffic chaos on Dwarka roads

Illegal and haphazard parking of vehicles along the bylanes of Sector 12, Dwarka, have turned commuting through the place a nightmare for residents and passersby.

Traffic snarls have become a common sight in the area. The stretches from Vidyut Chowk leading to KM Chowk and from Shubham Apartments to Indrapastha Apartments are a scene of chaos owing to rows of vehicles parked illegally along the road.

Pedestrians often complain that moving through the area has become really difficult because of illegal parking of vehicles even on the footpaths.

T Sampat Kumar, a resident of Shivam Apartments (Vikram Nagar CGHS) said, “The road in front of our apartment also houses a hospital, a community centre and a government school. People visiting these places park their vehicles anywhere, even on footpaths. The situation turns chaotic during school closing hours.”

It is a similar scene at Vidyut Chowk, which houses a number of schools, markets and banks in the area. The area has no dedicated public parking space and people leave their vehicles anywhere they want.

With two big school located in close vicinity – Bal Bharati Public School and Adarsh World School – traffic snarls have become a common sight for the residents. “During the morning and afternoon hours, school vans and buses are parked along the entire road. As it is, this is a very narrow lane and these vehicles parked illegally have made our life miserable. We are scared to even go for a walk here,” said Nirmala Sharma, a resident of Sector 12.

According to traffic experts, most of the sectors in Dwarka do not have a dedicated public parking space. With so many institutions and commercial establishments situated in Sector 12, the area has been worst affected.

The subject has been discussed many times in public forums but the authorities are yet to do anything about it. “Traffic police should be strict with people parking their vehicles illegally. They can impound their cars or impose fine. That is the only way to avoid jams in the area,” opined Madhu Verma, a resident of Sector 12.

Speaking to City Spidey on the subject, Traffic Inspector of the area, Rajender Singh said the authority will take necessary action to resolve the issue. He added that the DDA’s civil department should also look into the matter and create public parking spaces.