Little ones with big hearts collect Rs 35,000 for Kerala flood victims
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Little ones with big hearts collect Rs 35,000 for Kerala flood victims

Five children from Saya Zenith Apartment, Indirapuram, organised a collection drive over four days urging the residents to contribute generously.

Little ones with big hearts collect Rs 35,000 for Kerala flood victims

A flat in Tower A in Saya Zenith, Indirapuram, was buzzing with loud cheers and giggles of children on Thursday. The kids' happiness knew no bounds. A peek inside the flat gave you an idea of a party going on with pizzas, burgers and soft drinks being exchanged happily. But these kids were not celebrating yet another birthday. Instead, they were celebrating their small steps to salute humanity and understand the true essence of helping someone in distress.

Five children from Saya have not only made their parents but the entire society proud by collecting Rs 35,050 within a short span of four days to be contributed to the relief of Kerala flood victims. Sambhav (10), Manasvi (13), Suhaani (13), Ahaana (10) and Aaliya (9) have spent the past four days knocking on every door in the society and urging people to contribute generously. The money collected has already been given to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund Kerala.

A week back, Sambhav and Manasvi started discussing the plight of Kerala flood victims in their playroom. The mere thought of children their age unable to play and surviving without food and water in open relief shelters gave them shivers. The brother-sister duo was deeply moved by the devastation done by water in the area.  The discussion moved from playing room to the playground and interested their playmates Suhaani, Ahaana and Aaliya. They came up with a plan to collect money by going door to door and help in whatever little way they can.

How to start was the discussion going on when one of them suggested taking help of an elder and the group reached out to one of their neighbours, Pritam Kothadya. Pritam joined the brainstorming session and warned them that it’s not going to be an easy task to cover around 445 flats in 3-4 days. Some houses would be locked and many have already contributed directly. With all the briefings they set their target to collect at least Rs 35,000 from Saya.

Collection started from their respective homes and proceeded to the nearby flats, friend’s house, favourite aunties and uncles. Within four days, the kids were able to cover 4 towers and about 445 flats. They were greeted by both encouragement as well as disappointment, but they were able to reach their target.


CitySpidey salutes these children and their enthusiasm. Let us all draw inspiration from these young minds and help the affected in whichever way we can.