Mahagunpuram residents fear a rerun of flood-hit Sunday
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Mahagunpuram residents fear a rerun of flood-hit Sunday

With IMD predicting heavy rains today and tomorrow, Mahagunpuram residents are worried. 

Mahagunpuram residents fear a rerun of flood-hit Sunday

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) prediction about heavy rainfall in some parts of Delhi-NCR today and tomorrow has escalated the worries of Mahagunpuram residents, a premium residential society on NH 24.

This time too, they fear heavy rains could flood their basement like last weekend.

While most families in nearby societies were enjoying the shower on July 22, those in Mahagunpuram were struggling with ankle-deep water in Basement 1 and 2. Both the basements started to fill up between 8 am and 10 am with a sudden rupture in the rainwater pipeline.

“The incident was immediately conveyed to the builder and the maintenance agency handling the society. The builder took immediate cognizance of the situation and got down to rectify the problem. But the solution will require long-term improvements that are urgently needed,” pointed out Sheetal Tyagi, executive member Mahagunpuram AOA.

Amit Chauhan, a resident of the newly handed-over tower, Narmada, added, “Although we have full faith in our elected AOA members, the majority of residents are anxious. They are drawing comparisons of this incident with the recent building collapse in Shahberi. The reason behind the crash of the six-storey building at Shahberi was reported to be too much moisture in the walls and poor construction material.  So, quite naturally, water filling up the basements has made us apprehensive. “

“Mahagunpuram society has more than 1,500 families and construction lapses could result in a disaster. Mahagun is a reputed builder and such flaws are not expected.  The problems should be immediately addressed to avoid further damage to the walls and the structure. Further delay can result in additional damage,” Chauhan cautioned.

Another resident, Joy Bhattacharjee, complained that his car door got a white blotch owing to the situation in Basement 2. “It’s an asset loss for me. Unfortunately, after paying such a hefty amount for parking we have not been facilitated with a proper parking area. The parking area is full of seepage. I have approached Mahagun through mails for the same, but no action has been taken till date. Topping it, the rainwater pipe burst last Sunday, spraying water everywhere, leading to additional damage."

There are 11 towers in Mahagunpuram — of them, Gayatri, Narmada, Kaveri and Godavari were handed over in October last year, and the remaining seven were handed over some four-five years back. Basement 1 is common for all the 11 towers, while Basement 2 is meant for only the new towers.

Vice-President of Mahagun, Sachin Garg, confirmed to City Spidey, “The problem has already been attended to, and rectified.”

When City Spidey probed about the cause of constant seepage and the burst in the rainwater pipe, he avoided a direct answer and said he was not in a position to comment on the issue at the moment.