Gurgaon: Residents draft a 7-point campaign to check air pollution
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Gurgaon: Residents draft a 7-point campaign to check air pollution

Residents and RWAs across the city have started an email campaign to put forward their demands to curb dust pollution on the Golf Course Extension Road.

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The residents and RWAs across Gurgaon have taken upon themselves to create awareness about dust pollution on the Golf Course extension Road, an area with the highest number of under construction projects.

The residents allege that just a kilometre from Nirvana Country on the Golf Course Extension Road in Sector 50, the air quality becomes so bad that one can even see dust floating around.

In an email campaign, the residents have put forward seven simple demands to clean the construction and road dust on the Golf Course Extension Road. The email campaign aims to involve RWAs, residents, schools and parents from across the city.

The residents have asked RWA members and residents to discuss their issues on the same platform so that it can later be represented to the authorities.

“With so many projects under construction, the building material is kept in open everywhere. It keeps flying around and people like us who live close to the main road are worst affected,” said Ajit Singh, a resident of Nirvana Country, Sector 50.

Road shoulders are not developed at most of the places, allowing everyone to drive on the mud mounds on both sides of the road. “The volume of dust increases with each speeding vehicle, making the situation worse.” 

The stretch is the worst hit because it acts as a transit route ferrying many heavy construction vehicles. “The administration looks serious this time to control air pollution levels in the city. Hopefully, they will take special notice of this area,” added Rohini George, a resident of BPTP Park Prime.

The campaign outlines seven steps that the authority needs to implement immediately to check air pollution in the area.

First, construction materials lying in open in large heaps outside residential complexes should be covered and kept wet as per NGT construction guidelines. Second, trucks carrying sand or construction waste should be impounded and challaned if found uncovered. 

Third, road shoulders should be developed on both sides of the road so that the dust from mud mounds does not come directly on the road. Fourth, the road on this entire route should be repaired without delay especially as this transit route ferries many heavy construction vehicles. 

Fifth, the dry waste collection centres should be built to minimize open burning of waste.

The last two demands include that air monitoring device be installed for real-time air quality checking and waste dumping transit points be designated to curb the current practice of reckless dumping of debris and subsequent creation of malba hills on this route.

According to the residents the only way people can comply to these rules is because of the threat of challan. An awareness drive has also been initiated in many societies to encourage residents to join the momentum.