Lift in a free fall from the 13th floor at Ajnara Homes in GreNo

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By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Avishek Dubey
Posted: Sep 08, 2018

And here’s another episode of lift malfunction... this time, it’s Ajnara Homes in Noida Extension. Yesterday night, the lift in Tower A was in a free fall from the 13th floor, and stopped between the 8th and the 9th floors. A resident and his two-year-old baby and another resident, Prashant Shukla, were in the lift when the incident happened.     

A resident, Anurag Upreti, said that the lady boarded the lift from the 25th floor and the other person boarded it on the 13th floor. The lift was stuck for more than 30 minutes.

Upreti lashed out, “This is not the first time that people got stuck in the lift. Before this, four incidents of lift malfunction have already happened. We have made several complaints to the builder, but nothing has changed.”

This time, the residents lodged a complaint at Bisrakh Police Station. An official at the police station confirmed the same. He also said, “We received the complaint and we will talk to the builder soon.”  

Shukla recounted, “The emergency number and alarm were not working at the time, but there was no power cut. A lady on the 9th floor heard our screams and called the maintenance team They reached the spot after 10 minutes.”

Calls to the estate manager of the society, Ramendra Sinha, went unanswered.  

The residents of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad — where  there are more than 2,000 high-rises  —  are demanding a lift act, which will enforce proper installation, operation and maintenance of lifts in buildings.


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