FedAOA to elect president after GBM on Sep 16

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Sep 12, 2018

Federation of Apartments Owners Association is all set to elect its president on Sunday. The election will take place after a general body meeting.

FedAOA’s incumbent president Alok Kumar will again contest election this time. His supporters are confident that he may get another term.

Kumar has already served two times as a president of FedAOA.

When City Spidey spoke to Kumar over the agendas in the election, he said that his focus would be on dissecting the commercial use of residential complexes.

“In the name of convenient shops, societies have turned into a shopping mall. In most of the cases, these commercial units operate without receiving permits (Fire and other NOCs) from the administration. It can prove fatal for the residents,” he said.

He also said that federation will work on making cycle tracks of roads free from the encroachment of vendors and hawkers.

His critics also conceded to an extent that Kumar is suitable for the position by stating that no one else shows interest in the post just like he does.

“Kumar’s chances of winning the election are very high as federation doesn’t have any option other than him,” one of the critics said.

“However, whether it is for publicity or intent of welfare, the truth is, only Kumar shows interest in the position,” he added.

Critics also said that association needs fresh faces and fresh thoughts to break the routine style of functioning. “There is a set of people who keep rotating within the federation,” one of the AOA members said on the condition of anonymity.

Lipika Jain, a resident and ex-member of FedAOA said that federation or any other body needs to work continuously to suffice the cause for which it was formed.

“Sessions of building awareness about UP Apartment Act, which was one the objectives mentioned on FedAOA’s website, is missing on the ground,” she added.

“Residents need to be made aware of their rights as a member of an AOA. What should they (residents) expect from the AoA and what are its duties? What are the best practices for running Associations? What are the duties of every resident towards the society and the association in order to strengthen the democratic process? All these things should be known to the people” she added.

However, Kumar said that federation will also organise residents’ meet so that a forum is provided to the residents who are not happy with their AOAs.

Meanwhile, FedAOA has sent invitations to all the members of the AOAs to take part in the election. It has also notified its member AOAs to clear their dues before Sunday to stay eligible for contesting and voting in the election.

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