Dark last-mile stretches across metro stations in Dwarka add to commuter woes

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Sep 15, 2018

Pitch dark or poorly-lit last-mile stretches across the various Metro stations in Dwarka have become a cause of concern for the residents these days.

In the absence of proper lighting, these stretches have turned into corridors of crime and deep fear for people returning from offices in late evening.

One such stretch starts from Sector 14 Metro station towards Radhika and Om Apartments in the same sector and another towards Sarvhit Apartments in Sector 17. A similar stretch can be seen from Sector 12 Metro station towards Sector 18 Cooperative Group Housing Societies.

Sanjeev Ahuja, a resident of Sector 12, was attacked at one such dark stretch a couple of months back. “I reached Sector 12 Metro station around 10 pm and was walking towards Sam International School. Just before the school, I took a left turn towards Kalibari. Someone hit me hard on my right hand because of which my phone fell on the ground. A young boy took it and disappeared with one of his companion on a bike.”

There are many such kinds of stories where people became the victim because there was no light.

The subject has been widely discussed on various WhatsApp groups of residents and RWAs in the area. Jitender Singh, a resident of Radhika Apartments, said, “There is a dimly-lit 200-metre stretch from Sector 14 Metro station till my home. I was recently attacked by a group of three men while returning from the metro station around 11 pm. They were drunk and tried to snatch my valuables. Luckily, I was alert and ran away towards the station.”

The issue of the dark spots and stretches has been raised in the meetings with the police and civic bodies many times but the people said that there is no effective outcome.

Speaking on the subject, a BSES official said that work has been underway to get these areas properly lit. The issue has already been resolved at  many places, he claimed.

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