Noida: Wall art to add sheen to under-construction NTPC underpass
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Noida: Wall art to add sheen to under-construction NTPC underpass

The underpass being constructed at the busy traffic intersection near NTPC in Sector 24-32 will open by the first week of October.

Noida: Wall art to add sheen to under-construction NTPC underpass

The Noida Authority has started working on wall art at the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) underpass, which according to the officials will be functional by the first week of October.

The underpass at the busy traffic intersection near the NTPC in Sector 24-32 had been delayed for nearly two years now.

Speaking to City Spidey, Rajeev Tyagi, General Manager of Noida Authority, said that the theme of the wall art is ‘Eternal Indian Banyan Tree - Kalpa Vriksha.’

“The art work is being done under our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. But we can’t disclose the name of the company we are working with,” said Tyagi.

Explaining the reason behind the choice of the theme, an official said that Banyan is the national tree of India and symbolizes our pride. The Banyan tree projects our philosophical and spiritual values, which are the core of our country’s heritage.

According to the Hindu philosophy, the Banyan is considered a focal point of human establishment owing to its expansive form and shade provided. ‘Kalpa Vriksha’ means the ‘Tree of Wish Fulfillment’ and is associated with longevity and has important medicinal properties.


This is how the NTPC Underpass will look once ready


Rajeev said that the artwork will also send a message to conserve trees, culture and tradition. “This is the first time that an underpass is being decorated like this. The authorities have always used tiles before,” Tyagi said.

The right wall of the underpass will depict an Indian princess visiting the countryside to explore the natural beauty of her kingdom. On the left side, Ganesha Festival celebrations will be painted. There will also be paintings of mythological white elephant king Airavata who carried the Hindu Rain God Indra.

“All this effort is being made to make the experience pleasing for the commuters,” Tyagi said.

The work on the underpass had started on June 30, 2015 and was meant to be finished by 2016-end. However, the work was held up owing to the delay in shifting utility services that were passing through the land earmarked for the project.

The 640 metres long underpass has been built at a cost of Rs 55.55 crore. It is being constructed at the intersection of Sector 24, 25A, 32 and 33A, popularly known as NTPC Chowk.