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Noida Authority begins planting saplings and grass in areas with high-rises

Posted: Sep 18, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

To curb dust pollution in the city, Noida Authority has started the work of planting grass and saplings along the footpaths in areas where there’s greater concentration of high-rises. Work has already begun between Sectors 74 and 78.

The project took a long time to take off as a survey was needed of roads where dust pollution was high.

Rajender Singh, assistant director (technical) of horticulture department, Noida Authority, said, “We have completed work on a 20-km stretch, and before September-end we plan to finish 80 km more. We are aiming for a 375-km stretch by March-end.”

The budget for this initiative has been pegged at Rs 30 lakh, with two years of maintenance. So far, the authority has spent around Rs 12 lakh.

An official of Noida Authority said the aim is to control the effects of dust pollution from loose soil in the city. “We have selected a few major roads from where commuters and nearby residents often complain about dusty air,” he said.

Amit Gupta, a resident of Prateek Wisteria in Sector 77, told City Spidey, “Last year when we moved the NGT to control pollution in the city, we demanded recarpeting of roads and planting of grass to hold loose soil. We are glad that Noida Authority has finally started work.”

Rajender Kumar, deputy director of horticulture of Noida Authority, said, “We had already developed a 4.5-km stretch of a dust-free internal road in Sector 82 on a trial basis. The work has now entered its second phase, and before the September 30, a stretch of 28 km between sectors 80 and 81will be covered. Soon, work will start in Sector 93, 93B, 137.”


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