Can the GDA help Gaur Valerio to end its decades-old tussle with builder?
Can the GDA help Gaur Valerio to end its decades-old tussle with builder?
Ashish Srivastava
Can the GDA help Gaur Valerio to end its decades-old tussle with builder?
Photo: Ashish Srivastava

Can the GDA help Gaur Valerio to end its decades-old tussle with builder?

For the last four years, residents of Gaur Valerio in Indirapuram have been in a tussle with the builder, Gaursons India Pvt Ltd, over non-fulfilment of conditions mutually agreed upon during the transfer of society’s maintenance to the RWA.

On Wednesday, the residents met GDA vice-chairman, Kanchan Verma, urging her to persuade the builder to fulfil the conditions mentioned in Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) during transfer of maintenance to the newly constituted RWA in 2014.  

The builder had looked after the maintenance since 2011.

The MOT comprised a list of half-finished works, which the builder had to conclude within 60 days of the transfer to the RWA.

But four years on, residents continue to wait.

The RWA has alleged that the builder left without finishing the works mentioned in the MOT.

Though the list of “not-met” demands is quite long, the crucial ones include still-not-provided completion certificates, fire NOC, and NOC for the safety of lifts.

Another major issue that has plagued negotiations is the non-payment of Interest-Free Maintenance Security fund by the builder to the RWA. City Spidey had earlier carried out a report on the same.

"We have not been given the IFMS fund, which means we have no surplus funds to deal with the situation in the event of a crisis,” opined Valerio’s RWA president, Anil Kumar Singh.

Singh told City Spidey that the residents were promised two new back-up generators. “The generators we currently have were set up way back in 2008 when the construction of Valerio started.  They break down frequently. Our society goes through hours of darkness owing to faulty generators. But in the absence of IFMS, we have no option but to suffer,” he complained.

When City Spidey contacted the builder, he refuted all the allegations.

“Is it possible for a developer to build without the necessary permissions? We have given all the necessary documents to them. Now, it’s their responsibility to renew the NOCs from the relevant authorities,” lashed out Gaursons MD, Manoj Gaur.

On the subject of IFMS fund, Gaur turned the tables and asked whether the RWA is competent enough to receive the sum. "The RWA has not even been able to pass the resolution in their general body meeting about receiving the IFMS fund," he said.

However, Alok Kumar, President of Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA), dubbed Gaur’s stand as illogical. "The IFMS fund is an emergency fund, which can only be used to provide aid during an emergency. So logically, it should be with the party who’s taking care of the maintenance.”

He added, “Nowhere has it been said that a general body resolution has to be passed to receive the said fund.  In fact, the IFMS amount should be handed over at the same time of maintenance.”

The V-C has assigned AK Singh, executive engineer of GDA, on the case. Singh said that he will soon call both the parties to examine their claims. 

While Rajeev Munshi, RWA secretary of Valerio, said the society had written of their problems to the GDA earlier also, but the authority failed to take any cognizance of the matter.