FedAOA forms seven-member committee for Crossings chapter
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FedAOA forms seven-member committee for Crossings chapter

The meeting to elect the ad hoc committee was held today at Gaur Global Village.

FedAOA forms seven-member committee for Crossings chapter

In a meeting held today at Gaur Global Village, Federation of Apartment Owners Association (FedAOA) formed a seven-member ad hoc committee to push its agenda in Crossings Republik.

Sanjay Jha, Secretary of FedAOA, told City Spidey the committee will work towards the democratic establishment of the Crossings chapter, as well as raise AOA issues before the association.

Apart from that, in the event of any dispute, the committee will also represent its member AOAs before the builder, before Crossings Infrastructure Private Limited (the promoter) and the Ghaziabad Development Authority.

Alok Kumar, FedAOA president, said, “The unit was needed to support the Federation's member societies in Crossings. Its prime objective will be proper implementation of UP Apartment Act, 2010, in all member societies.”

And what’s the immediate issue that the newly formed chapter wishes to tackle?

Jha said, “The township’s maintenance tops the list. The residents are not satisfied with the level of maintenance. We will demand justification from the CIPL for the money they charged under the head Township Maintenance Charge (TMC).”

CIPL charges 30 paise from each flat as TMC to upkeep roads, lights, and sanitation of Crossings. However, residents are miffed with the lackadaisical attitude of the CIPL towards maintenance.

Speaking on “democratic establishment” of FedAOA’s Crossings chapter, Jha said the committee is contemplating elections for its Crossings chapter for the posts of vice-president, secretary and others. However, Alok Kumar will remain the president of the Crossings chapter as well.

While Tarun Chauahan, secretary of Bulland Heights, is of the opinion that elections could lead to conflict of interests, so it would be best if the federation appointed its board members for the Crossings chapter.

Here’s something to ponder, point out a few residents:

According to FedAOA policy, only elected office bearers of AOAs can contest elections. The election period varies from society to society, so what happens if an office bearer of FedAOA loses AOA election? That person would then have to step down.

Speaking on the conundrum, Jha said that if such a situation were to arise, the member who lost AOA election would have to resign and another board member would take over for the time being.