Traffic restrictions imposed for Dussehra in Noida today

Posted: Oct 19, 2018

Several traffic restrictions have been put in place today in Noida for Dussehra celebrations.

Around the Noida Stadium, at least seven roads will remain completely closed. Sector 12/22/56 road-Stadium will remain completely closed and the Sector 10/21 T-point will also remain closed.

In other routes, Swami Furniture intersection-Stadium and Spice Mall road, Metro hospital-Sector 12/22 intersection, 31/25-Spice Mall intersection and PS 24-31/25 intersection and Jalvayu Vihar- 21/25 intersection will also remain closed for commuters.

Meanwhile, alternate routes have been suggested for the commuters by traffic police. At Sector 62 Ramlila Ground and Stadium, additional police force will remain deployed.

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