East End Apartments aims to check dog biting cases by making feeding areas

Photo: Praveen Dwivedi
Posted: Oct 28, 2018

Amidst the rise in the dog biting cases, the managing committee of East End Apartments has come up with a plan to feed the stray dogs at designated areas at a fixed time.

The plan is intended to lessen the stray dog biting incidents as people were of the view that these incidents happen due to feeding by dog lovers.

For this purpose, the managing committee has invited the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) to help in identifying places. They will also consult the residents including dog lovers to fix the timings for feeding the stray dogs in the society.

In a circular, the committee has requested all stray dog feeders to be present at 1:30 pm on Wednesday (October 31).

Making proper guidelines on the issue has been a challenging task for the managing committee because a section of residents feel that stray dogs are a threat to their safety.

However, the dog lovers believe that the animals are harmless and should be treated humanely. Therefore, the managing committee seems to have chosen the middle path to address this issue.

A resident told City Spidey that at least four members of a family (block 4) were attacked by stray dogs at different times. A woman who lives in Block 17 was attacked by stray dogs two times.

As per the information, there may be 40-50 stray dogs in the society at present. They are being fed by nearly a dozen dog lovers.

JP Verma, vice president of the managing committee said, “Number of dog biting cases have increased in past few years and therefore, the managing committee has decided to come out with the proper plan to ensure the safety of residents.”

Residents of the society said that it would be a good step by the managing committee and all residents should support the move. However, residents are also of the view that earmarking of place and setting time will not be a complete solution to this issue until stray dogs are allowed to roam around in the society.

A resident, who lives in Block 13 said, “Doing something is better than doing nothing. I believe it is a good step from the managing committee but only time will tell how effective this move will be.”

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