SDMC fails to maintain the only playground in Sector 23, Dwarka


SDMC fails to maintain the only playground in Sector 23, Dwarka

With broken playing equipment and ill-maintained field, the playground is lying in an abysmal state.

SDMC fails to maintain the only playground in Sector 23, Dwarka

It’s the perfect weather for kids to enjoy outdoor activities in playgrounds and get away from gadgets and screens. But not all are that lucky.

The only designated playground in Sector 23, located behind New Millennium Apartments, is lying neglected and in an abysmal state.

The playground is full of dust and garbage. Playing equipment has not been maintained over the years with broken iron benches lying around.  The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had developed the park as a play field for the kids of adjoining areas but it was recently handed over to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC).

MS Suri, vice president of New Millennium Apartments in Sector 23, said, “SDMC is trying to turn it around as a park. But since it is one of the few places where our kids can play freely, it should be maintained as a playground only.”

The play area was developed by DDA in 2012 on the proposal of the social organisation, Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together (ANHLGT). The then vice chairman of DDA SN Srivastava had inaugurated the ground and since then it has been used as a playground for children.

But the residents say both DDA and SDMC have failed to maintain the park. Indu Garg, a resident of Sector 23, said, “When opened, this was by far the best playground for children in Dwarka with good infrastructure and playing equipment. But now it is being maintained as a park which is not good news for kids and their parents.”

Ever since the transfer, allege the residents, the SDMC has been treating the area as a park and is only working on maintaining the greenery and plantation. Kavita Singh a resident of the area, said, “There is only one more playground like this in entire Dwarka, in Sector 22. SDMC should maintain it as a playground only.”

Speaking to City Spidey on the matter, leader of the house (SDMC) and area councillor, Kamaljeet Sehrawat, said, “SDMC will take all the steps to maintain the park as a playground only.”