What happens when SDMC itself doesn't meet the waste regulations?

Posted: Dec 14, 2018

Recently, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) prosecuted an RWA in South Delhi for violation of waste-segregation rules — to make a point. But what if the SDMC fails to dispose of the segregated waste in a manner it should be, ask RWAs.   

What then?

Vice-president of New Millennium Apartments in Sector 23, MS Suri, said, “We do segregate the waste, but how they dispose it is a big question. If we fail on our part they challan us, but what if they are not managing the segregated waste? Who’s to question them?”

In Dwarka, there are more than 300 Cooperative Group Housing Societies and more than 50 DDA pockets. But SDMC is yet to come up with a regularised system for all these societies — there’s still some system for the CGHS, but DDA pockets have a free rein.  

Former president of Dayanand Apartments in Sector 6, HS Bawa, said, “We did start waste segregation in our society, but SDMC workers mix it all up again at the dhalaos. So, who will take action against them?”

The SDMC is keen to make Sectors 22 and 23 model sectors as far as waste management is concerned.  But how far is that possible?

President of Ram Krishna Apartments in Sector 23, Kamlakar Darbari, admits that corporation is indeed lifting garbage properly from his society, but the story is not the same for every society.

One of the SDMC officials admitted, on condition of anonymity, “The SDMC has no proper system for entire Dwarka due to lack of resources. A private contractor would need to be roped in — we are not equipped to handle the whole of Dwarka.”

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