Amrapali Zodiac: Debris of razed illegal shop stays intact even after a month

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 23, 2018

The residents of Amrapali Zodiac, a high rise society in Sector 120, are complaining about the callousness of Noida Authority in cleaning the debris of an illegal shop which was broken by them about a month back.

As per an official of Noida Authority, they have sent a notice to the builder to remove the debris.

“In the notice, the builder has been asked to remove the debris. If it is not removed by the builder, then the Authority will remove this debris. The Authority will recover the expenditure incurred in the removal of debris from the builder,” said SPS Yadav, project engineer in Noida Authority.

Yadav said that the rule of the Authority is to send two to three prior notices to the builder before razing the illegal constructions. Every notice gives 15 days of time.

The notice has also been sent twice to the Amrapali Group. Now if this debris is not removed from their side, then the wreckage will also be removed and the money will be collected from them.

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