Can this Mayur Vihar traffic woe end?
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Can this Mayur Vihar traffic woe end?

The intersection near the Indian Oil petrol pump has been witness to chaotic traffic for years. Residents of neighbouring societies have tried approaching PWD and Delhi Traffic Police, but the problem still persists.

Can this Mayur Vihar traffic woe end?

The problem of traffic jams is not new to residents of Mayur Vihar Extension. The area near the Indian Oil Corporation petrol pump in the vicinity of Samachar, Glaxo, Kirti, Lovely, United and Vardhman Apartments, is among the worst-affected spots.

Since petrol is cheaper in Delhi, a number of vehicles from nearby Noida tend to use the filling station, adding to traffic woes.

The petrol pump is situated right at a T-intersection, with a big gap between the dividers in front of it. In the absence of traffic personnel at the intersection, vehicles use the gap to make haphazard turns, causing chaos. 

Residents of the area want the divider to be closed at the intersection to restore some order. It would also cause vehicles visiting the petrol pump to go straight a long way and then take a U-turn. Residents are so fed up of the traffic that they even suggested shifting the petrol pump elsewhere. 

Earlier, the federation of group housing societies, Mayur Vihar, had approached the Public Works Department (PWD) and Delhi Traffic Police to discuss the issue. Both departments had agreed to extend the divider, as demanded by the residents. 

“Nearly a year ago, PWD labourers had placed their construction material in front of petrol pump," said a resident of a nearby apartment on the condition of anonymity. "This annoyed the owner of the petrol pump. Next day, his men threw away all the material. The owner of the petrol pump went to the court and obtained a stay order against closing the divider."

Ratan Lal Gupta, secretary, Vardhaman Apartments said, “Nearly a week ago, a speeding truck coming from Delhi hit a car and caused severe injuries to passengers. It is an extremely dangerous intersection."

"At present we do not have any hope of the divider being closed," said Ummed Singh, former president of United India Society. "Most residents are scared to approach the court against the owner of the pump. The owner has strong political connections. This could explain why no one wants to take him head on."