Gzb: Residents perplexed as SSP office stops acknowledging complaints

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Jan 04, 2019

In the last month, the hustle and bustle at the office of SSP Ghaziabad have drastically reduced. The place which was usually swarmed with people is now seen almost empty. It has happened because of the decision of newly appointed SSP, Ghaziabad, Upendra Kumar Agrawal, to terminate the practice of issuing acknowledgments for the received complaints.

Agrawal, who succeeded the office in mid-November after Vaibhav Krishna, has stopped issuing the acknowledgments for the complaints. This action has brought confusion and dissatisfaction amongst the residents.

Alok Kumar, president of Indirapuram-based Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA) and a social activist has given complaints and applications to SSP on several accounts. However, none of them was acknowledged by SSP.

“People feel relaxed when their complaints are taken by the administration. This new practice has created doubt that whether the police will take any action or not,” Kumar said.

Meanwhile, the practice of receiving is common across government offices. Even the subordinate of Agrawal, SP (city) Shlok Kumar gives receiving on the complaints. “I don’t see any logic in not providing the acknowledgments for the complaints,” Kumar complained.

However, Agrawal reacted to this stating that people should focus on resolving their problem rather than just looking for acknowledgments. He also claimed it’s not mandatory for an SSP to give receiving on the complaints.

“As per section 154(3) of CrPc (Criminal Procedure Code), SSP can acknowledge the complaint in writing only when the complaint is sent by post. Otherwise, SSP is not bound to give written acknowledgment,” he said.

Stating further Agrawal also disclosed the reason behind this new system. “The reason is to discourage the habit of unnecessary footfalls in the office. There are many genuine complaints which don’t get heard because of people who are only interested in getting stamps on their documents,” he said.

Reacting to this, Kumar said that the written acknowledgment is necessary as it serves a proof. “In case of any inaction, it serves as a proof for the complaint. A written acknowledgment is proof that the said office has taken your issue into concern. Authority can’t back out then,” he reasoned.

However, Agrawal said that despite not giving the receiving, the complaints still carry the proof of acknowledgment by his office. “I mark the complaints to the concerned police station so I believe written acknowledgment is not needed,” Agrawal clarified.

“Also, one has many avenues like IGRS and RTI to find out whether any action has been initiated on the complaint or not,” Kumar said further. However, the practice is just running on trial. “It’s not permanent. We will see the reaction of people and gather the feedback. After that, we will decide whether we have to continue the practice or reinstate the old one,” Agrawal said.

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