Yamuna Authority to develop dairies to meet pure milk demand

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jan 17, 2019

To address the issue of clean and pure milk demand, the Yamuna Authority is going to increase the production by developing the dairies in twenty villages in the area. 

The residents living in the high rise societies were raising the demand for pure milk for a long time. 

As per an official, the authority will discuss the issue in the board meeting which will happen in February this year. 

“Yamuna Authority will develop dairies in 20 villages in first phase. Those villages, which are nearby to the green area defined in the Master Plan of 2031, will be included in the project,” the official said.

“The villages located near the green areas will be selected because the cows will easily get grasses to eat. This project will provide jobs to more than one lakh people. Unemployment problem in the area will be addressed,” he added.

The official said that they will also be developing a bio gas plant to produce electricity and the manure will be produced by using cow dung.

Arun Vir Singh, Chief Executive officer of Yamuna Authority said that they need to frame a policy for this and decision regarding this will be taken in the board meeting. “A survey will also be conducted by the officials after the meeting,” he added.

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