Dwarka: Dead trees pose a threat to commuters on road

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jan 18, 2019

If open manholes were not enough in Dwarka, trees dangerously inclined towards the roads pose a threat to commuters on road.

These trees are well grown, with a heavy canopy. But owing to restricted space for the root to grow, the trees grow weak and tend to fall. Sometimes, termites also cause trees to grow weak, especially Sheesham trees.

Vishal Gupta, a resident of Lovely Home Apartments of Sector 5, said, “Such trees should be either removed or pruned.”

The trees have been planted in a way that there’s very little breathing space for the roots, leading them to bend down, experts opine.

According to officials of the DDA, there are more than 500 dead Sheesham trees across Dwarka.

RWAs have been raising this issue, but to no avail.

President of Ganpati Apartments, Sector 9, KS Bhati, said, “In Sector 9, several dead sheesham trees can be seen. These trees are a threat to commuters, especially at night.”

When City Spidey contacted Deputy Director Horticulture DDA, Jameel Ahmad, he said, “Removal of trees can happen with the permission of the forest department. We have written to them — let’s see.”

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Pankaj Kumar Datta

Posted 6 months ago

All said and done about the dead trees, it is wondered when the action will be taken. Everybody is right in their view of the issue. The problem was taken up by organising a workshop "Greens in Peril"" as far back as January 2012 with the then Director (Hort) but nothing substantial has been done in this regard. This dead wood has a great potential for its reuse inb decorating the parks itself by utilising the same as garden furniture and other decorative signages etc. In fact upon my pleading with Horticulture Deptt has very kindly planted a totally dead and bitterly smitten by termite tree in the park developed by them along the metro line at the roundabout near the District Park hitherto known as Idiot Chowk which is a living tribute to all the dead trees.