Noida to get automatic sensor-enabled traffic signals soon

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jan 19, 2019

To manage the ever-increasing traffic problems in the city, the Noida Authority has decided to install modern traffic management system on the roads up to 15 km. The authority signed the final memorandum of understanding (MoU) for this with two private companies on Friday.

According to an official of the Noida Authority, the companies will start work on the project from next week. To start with, 15 km of the three main routes where traffic modeling and automatic sensors-enabled traffic signal will be installed are Rajnigandha Chowk, Telephone Exchange and T-Series intersections.

The plan is to manage the functioning of traffic signals in the city via modern technology with in-built automatic sensors. These sensors will detect traffic pressure on each side of a signal and accordingly adjust the timing of the signals.

For instance, if the traffic on one side is higher compared to the other, automatically green signal timing on that side would be increased and commuters will not have to waste time standing in long queues.

“For example, a traffic signal with a timer of 90 seconds will remain green for a longer duration if it senses that the traffic on the other side is lower compared to the present side. The sensors will detect the intensity of traffic and adjust the signal accordingly,” he added.

“These sensors will manage as much as 50 per cent of traffic jams in the city and the rest will be controlled by automatic traffic signals,” he added.

The official further added that the Noida Authority has created an Integrated Traffic Management System policy to manage the city's traffic. “Under this plan, 15 km of the main roads of the city will be equipped with modern technology in the first phase,” he added.

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