Noida Authority to organise Raahgiri on Jan. 27 on Sector 18 roads

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 19, 2019

Noida Authority is going to organise Raahgiri on January 27 for Noida residents. From then on, the event will be organised on every second Sunday of the month.
Noida Authority will sign an MOU with the organisers of Raahgiri for the same. 

The event, which has garnered huge support in Gurgaon and Delhi, will allow    residents to enjoy car-free roads from 7 am to 9 am in Sector 18 roads. There will be separate events for people of all age groups.

Raahgiri is a movement in which community people claim their otherwise traffic dominated streets for fun and healthy activities, such as yoga, zumba, cycling, dancing, painting competitions, street performance.
Gurgaon was the first in India to hold this event, followed by Delhi just recently. 

The organisers of this event believe that sooner or later, this movement will encourage people to leave their cars — get out of their homes — and get moving and promote physical activities at least for a day every week.
“On 21 January, NGOs, RWAs and other social organisations will be invited to Indira Gandhi Arts Centre, where they will be informed about the event,” an official of Noida Authority confirmed.
The authorities will then make a final decision on which roads to use in Sector 18. 

A press conference will be held on January 24 to talk about the roads that will be used and how the entire system will be managed, confirmed Rajiv Tyagi, General Manager of Noida Authority. 

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