How boundary art makes for a pretty Dwarka...

Posted: Jan 23, 2019

If you take a walk around the streets of Dwarka, you will witness some beautifully done walls — and along with it, messages of awareness. These paintings can be mostly seen on walls of society boundaries.

These paintings can be seen around Hilansh Apartments and Dharam Vihar Apartments in Sector 6, Highland Apartments in Sector 12, Crescent Apartments in Sector 18, Studio Apartments in Sector 16B and other places as well.

But who made them? Well, they are a result of joint efforts by the community people and Parmarthi, an NGO working in the field of cleaning and maintaining the city.

Vice-president of Dharam Vihar CGHS, Sector 6, OP Dhyani, shared, “The area outside our society was in a bad shape. We contacted Parmarthi to clean it up, as they do on request from RWAs. They cleaned up the area, and then we decided to do some art work on the walls and get our children involved too!”

And the trend is catching on...

RWAs are collaborating Parmarthi to give the city its much-needed facelift. Most of the artwork happens on the road-facing boundary walls of societies.

You can see the magic at Crescent Chowk, where children, along with their parents, carried out the work. And in the forefront of the initiative was a group of women from Crescent Apartments in Sector 18B.



One of the members of the group, Madhu Dagar, said, “For a long time, we have been wanting to do something outside our society. But cleaning up was a problem, but we got it done through team Parmarthi, then our children made it beautiful through their art work. Now, as you can see, both sides of the road look beautiful.”

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