Indirapuram: 'Temporary' leveling of Mall Road angers Ahinsa Khand II residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jan 24, 2019

After holding the residents hostage for a whole day following incessant rains, the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) on Wednesday finally woke up to reconstruct the Mall Road of Ahinsa Khand II in Indirapuram.

For the uninitiated, the Mall Road connects 22 societies and over 40,000 residents of Ahinsa Khand II to the other parts of the city. But for the past few months, the road has been witnessing scenes of chaos.

As the condition of the road is dilapidated, many parts along its stretch were waterlogged on Tuesday, creating nuisance for the pedestrians and motorists as well.

Miffed residents pressurised the GDA by complaining on multiple platforms. They also threatened to hold a protest if the situation persists. City Spidey also reported the matter. Soon after, the civic body started leveling the road. However, people are not satisfied with the work.

“Again, they are using only mud for leveling. Had they mixed grit with the mud, their concoction would have been much stronger,” said Alok Kumar, president of Federation of Apartments Owners Association, Ghaziabad (FedAOA)

Meanwhile, chief of GDA in Indirapuram, RP Singh, was unavailable to comment on this issue.

Since August, the work related to laying down the sewer and Ganga Jal pipeline is being done by the GDA. The roads will be reconstructed once it gets completed. For now, a temporary filling has been done. The present situation has added to the frustration of the residents who are already annoyed with the daily ruckus they have to face due to bad condition of the road.

On Tuesday, after hours of uninterrupted showers, the Mall Road of Ahinsa Khand II was almost converted into a swamp. As a result, heavy vehicles got stuck for hours. The temporary leveling of the road turned into a trap for many vehicles including a school bus and a truck.

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