Dwarka: Damaged direction boards confuse commuters; DDA assures repair work
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Dwarka: Damaged direction boards confuse commuters; DDA assures repair work

These are mainly placed at master plan roads of the sub-city and one can notice these at Sectors 8, 9,19,20,22,23. 

Dwarka: Damaged direction boards confuse commuters; DDA assures repair work

Direction and signboards are really important when it comes to reaching particular place but if the boards, indicating directions, itself are in a bad shape then? Commuters in Dwarka are in a confused state nowadays as they are facing difficulties due to the damaged boards, placed mainly at master plan roads.

These big blue boards are placed at such a height so that anyone could easily read it, get correct information about the locality and take right route. But the moment one reaches closer to these boards, he/she realises these are partially damaged and to the extent that key details are missing, putting that person in a fix. One can find such boards in Sectors 8, 9,19,20,22,23 etc.

Sanjay Anand, a resident of Palam Vihar Gurgaon, who recently visited Dwarka Sector 19 shared his dilemma, “I entered the sub-city from Sector 21 and followed the road leading towards Sector 23. Just after crossing the police station of Sector 23, I saw a big blue board at a distance. I thought after reaching there, I would get a proper direction to follow. But when I reached there, I got confused as one of the portions of the board was missing, giving incomplete information. Left with no option, I called my friend to guide me to take the right direction.”

These direction boards have been installed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) at almost all the master plan roads across Dwarka. It is their responsibility to maintain them periodically but it seems the authority concerned is casual in its approach. RWAs and resident bodies have been highlighting this matter for the past couple of weeks but nothing has happened yet.

Recently, general secretary of Dwarka Forum, Arvinder Singh Chatwal, raised this issue on public forum and whatsapp groups of community and authority. He said, “The sub-city is new and in developing stage as compared to the other parts of Delhi. Therefore, such boards become very important for locals, commuters. If they have installed boards then they must maintain it. This is a thing which creates problem for all as they face it on daily basis. Besides, they look bad too! We have asked the DDA to look into the matter.”

On the subject, DDA Chief Engineer, RK Singh told City Spidey said the boards will be repaired soon.