GreNo medical apathy: Doctor accused of negligence
GreNo medical apathy: Doctor accused of negligence
Praveen Dwivedi
GreNo medical apathy: Doctor accused of negligence

GreNo medical apathy: Doctor accused of negligence

A lady named Rashmi Bondre, residing in Greater Noida West’s high-rise Arihant Arden has accused a doctor, working with the government hospital (GH), situated in Bisrakh area, of showing negligence during her duty and misbehaving with patients.

Bondre on Monday (February 4) visited Ritu Mittal, a gynaecologist to get a check-up done. The doctor, in reply, informed her that the equipment needed for it was not available and she can get it done from some other hospital.

Bondre then decided to visit the gynaecologist the next day but she got the same reply, saying that the equipment was yet to come and she cannot do anything about it. “Don’t you know how govt hospitals work,” the complainant quoted the doctor as saying.

The situation got worse on Wednesday when Bondre went to the gynaecologist and asked her to do the check-up at the earliest. All of a sudden, the talk between them turned into a heated argument, forcing the lady to send an email to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), District Magistrate (DM) of Gautam Budh Nagar, narrating her ordeal. "I have recorded all the conversations we had in the past three days. The CMO has asked me to send those audio files to him," Bondre said.

“I mean doctors are meant to serve people, take proper care of them but she is really an exception! Sadly, her behaviour is the same with all the patients,” Rashmi Bondre added.

When City Spidey contacted the accused doctor to know about the incident, she defended her action, saying, “I was just trying to make her understand that the equipment needed for the check-up was not available but she started raising her voice. Only then, the argument started.”

We spoke to the CMO, Anurag Bhargava to know whether the doctor was right in her behaviour. Bhargava replied, “See, it is not a big issue! Equipment was available with the said hospital. It is just that some of them might have remained during the process of shifting from the primary healthcare (PHC) to community health centre (CHC). Well, we will look into the matter soon.”

It is important to note this is the only government hospital in the area.

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