Sector 3 DDA park in Dwarka gets a makeover, with inputs from residents

By City Spidey
Posted: Feb 19, 2019

The neighbourhood park in Sector 3 is being developed by the DDA with active involvement of the residents. A senior citizens’ recreational room, a yoga shelter, and a play area for children is being developed in sync with suggestions from the community.

JC Malhotra, a resident of Welcome Group CGHS, who has been continuously following up with DDA officials, said, “Involvement of the community has stopped the theft of wires and water pipes. We have pointed out what the park lacks and the DDA is doing its bit. The park now has lights and the brown barren look is giving way to a green makeover.”

People of the area have been writing to the DDA since a year.

They said lack of provision of water caused the plants to dry up. They requested for a permanent solution to the problem of water. And now, the park is being given its own tank of treated water.

Deputy Director of DDA, Jameel Ahmed, said, “Earlier underground water was being used, which was salty and was harmful for the plants. We have planned for a sustainable model and laid out pipelines throughout the park and also constructed a treated water underground reservoir. This will not only keep the area green, but also save underground water.”

The DDA is also making a rain shelter at one corner, and they will also appoint a security guard for the park.



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