Noida faces a harrowing time with frequent powercuts and no Ganga jal supply

By City Spidey
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Feb 26, 2019

Residents of different residential sectors Noida have been facing water and electricity problems for the last few days. Residents have been forced to consume salty ground water.

Sectors 12,22,24,34, 35,36 and several others have been badly impacted.

Noida Authority has failed to supply ganga water to these sectors and they have been left with no option but to buy drinking water from outside.

Dharmendra Sharma, a resident of the Sector 34, said, "We have been consuming ground water for the past few days, as there has been no Ganga water supply to our sector."

Another resident from Sector 22 said, “We haven’t received sufficient supply over the past week. As a result, we have been buying from private water tankers, which are extremely expensive and a burden on us.” 

And daily powercuts have made matters worse.

Shivam Sharma, a resident of Sector 36, said, “We had to bear daily powercuts during the winter, making life difficult as we couldn’t use geysers or room heaters.”


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