Indirapuram: Filthy sights irk Mahagun Mansion 1 residents; GDA under scanner

By Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Mar 01, 2019

Winter is going to end and summer is approaching but the residents of Mahagun Mansion 1, a high-rise in Indirapuram are paranoid with the shift in the season. Reason? More than six years have passed but the issues of garbage, stench, and dilapidated drains are yet to be resolved.

The state is so worse that the boundary wall of the residential complex in Indirapuram has become a place for men to urinate in public! Moreover, scenes like garbage being strewn all around, stray animals, vehicle scrap left unattended and peeing in public have become a common sight here. The fact that the stretch lies just five kilometers away from Ghazipur landfill has left residents worried whether this will be another dump yard in making!

“Every year, we witness multiple cases of dengue and chikungunya in our society. All because of the garbage scattered around our boundary wall,” said Sanjeev Sharma, a resident of Mahagun Mansion Phase I.

President of the society's RWA, GC Saxena said, “We have written dozens of letters to all avenues starting from the area’s councilor to MLA, district administration, civic authority and even MP, but the only thing achieved so far is that GDA has started lifting the garbage. Yet, they failed to stop the dumping.”

The officials at the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) had said earlier that although they make sure that garbage is lifted twice daily from the stretch, they haven’t been able to stop people from throwing trash here. “This is because it mostly happens during the night,” Manvendra Singh, executive engineer of GDA had told City Spidey.

When City Spidey reached Singh again for his comment, he refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Abhinav Jain, municipal councilor of the area alleged the sanitary workers of the GDA of being hand in gloves with an encroachment mafia. They ask the shopkeepers to dump garbage at the boundary wall of Mahagun, rather than collecting garbage from their establishments.

“GDA could resolve the issue but it lacks will power in doing so,” Jain added.

Meanwhile, a few shopkeepers on the condition of anonymity concurred with Jain’s claim.

"We are ready to pay if provided the facility to collect garbage from our establishments, but this does not happen and we are forced to dump garbage there," owner of a Biryani shop told City Spidey.

On one hand, where it is mocking the Swacch Bharat campaign of the government, the spot, on the other, is creating law and order situation for the area as well.

“Anti-social elements gather here in after sunset and drink alcohol openly. They also harass women passerby. Many incidents of eve-teasing and chain snatching have been reported in the past,” said JK Khosla, a resident of the society.


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