Conflicts, ambiguities jeopardise AOA election at Panchsheel Greens
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Conflicts, ambiguities jeopardise AOA election at Panchsheel Greens

Conflicts between various factions of residents and the builder is taking the AOA election into backburner at Panchsheel Greens.

Conflicts, ambiguities jeopardise AOA election at Panchsheel Greens

The conflict between various factions of residents and the builder is making things go haywire at the Panchsheel Greens society at Greater Noida West. Amidst all this, the much-awaited Apartment Owners Association’s (AOA) election also went into backburner.

After a lot of struggle, the election committee had announced the dates in the first week of March. But, the builder, had opposed the election citing the UP Apartment Act guidelines where it mentions that election is not possible when the maintenance charges are due for a long time. Then, the election was held up leaving things back to square one.

Apparently, amidst the conflict at the society, the maintenance charges are due for more than six months.

This was not the only reason which has held up the election of AOA at the society. A resident’s faction was of the view that weightage of votes should vary according to the floor area ratio of the flats. Like, if an apartment’s floor area ratio is bigger, then the weightage of the votes should also be higher.

One group says election should be conducted complying rules prescribed under the UP Apartment Act which clearly mention floor area ratio. Vikash Kumar, a resident of the society on Tuesday approached Greater Noida Authority alleging that rules are not being followed and demanded that the authority should appoint an election observer to ensure fair election.

“My point is that if voting is not held following flat area ratio then it will be unjustified according to the UP Apartment Act. If anyone challenges it then it can lead to problems. Hence, my point is that whatever our election committee decides, it must have clarity and majority of the residents should be taken onboard,” Kumar added.

On the other hand, this proposal was vehemently opposed by other factions in the society. They reasoned that the proposal is unviable and it will be very difficult to implement. Amit Yadav, another resident, was of the view that this would create more problems. Justifying his view, Yadav said, “This was decided in majority by the election committee to make the process simple. And, if someone is against this process then he/she can raise it before EC.”

Yadav further said, “Provision of Rs 10,000 as security deposit was made to filter the contestants. It was also made clear that this amount would be deposited to the elected AOA after the election. However, this provision was withdrawn afterwards.”

The residents of Panchsheel Greens have been fighting the builder against charging steep maintenance dues and providing poor services for the past two years. With no solution in sight, a group of residents had stopped paying the maintenance charges.

The maintenance charges are pending from October 2018. “The builder has asked us to pay charges from October 2018 to March 2019 and then only conduct AOA elections,” said a resident who did not want to be named.

Meanwhile, a few residents are also not happy with the selection of candidates. KB Singh, a resident, had earlier said, “We all want to form AOA but neither the election committee members nor those contesting elections are sharing their plans for the development of the society in the future. And now, this latest controversy has only added to the confusion.”

As per the information available with City Spidey, residents, in the last meeting, tried to convince the management to accept maintenance charges at Rs 1.80 per sqm against Rs 1.96 per sqm. The management of the society, however, did not accept their proposal.

Another resident in condition of anonymity said, “If election was held up due to non-payment of maintenance charges then the first priority should be to clear this issue. Then, we can go for election. My second view is that if any decision is taken by EC then why not general body meeting was called and all residents were informed. These things are not helping the cause.”