Residents across Dwarka launch campaign against 'Bharat Vandana Prangan' project

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 23, 2019

In order to protect the 'green' forest area and stall development work, a group of people across Dwarka on Saturday started a campaign against the Bharat Vandana Prangan project in Sector 20

Naming the campaign as 'Bharat Vandana Van Bachao Abhiyan', they all commenced with a symbolic cleaning campaign at the water body inside the earmarked area of the said project. About 25 people from different sectors and societies, including kids, cleared the area filled with plastic waste.

Locals were of the view the 80-hectare area, which has been earmarked for the project, is the only forest area in Dwarka with flora and fauna and it must be left as it is. 

Diwan Singh, one of the pioneers of the campaign and an eminent environment activist in the area working on revival of water bodies, said, “ This is a forest area, so we have named it Bharat Vandana Van. We cannot consider it as a park or any such projects. This must remain a green area and a biodiversity place in Dwarka. We will be carrying out activities to save this biodiversity rich land.”

People who participated in the campaign said that they would carry on the mission to save the area through various means like RTIs, mails, workshops and awareness activities with community etc.

V Selvarajan , another native member from Bharat Vandana Van Bachao Abhiyan said, “We gathered information that NBCC has been given this project to develop this area but we do not have facts on papers. We are filing an RTI to get the details and then would move further. This is a green area rich in flora and fauna and that must be protected. We will do that.”

Rajni Bahal, a resident of Sector 22 and an active member of this campaign concluded saying, “I am trying to add more youth with the mission to save this biodiversity hotspot. We want this area in its original form and not in the shape of any project.”

A massive fire broke out at Bharat Vandhana Park area on Friday. Spread over an area of 200 acres, the park houses a number of peafowls, nilghais, monitor lizards besides many other reptiles and birds.

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