SDMC fails miserably in managing waste in market areas, say Dwarka residents

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 25, 2019

Issues related to garbage, be it its disposal or the overall waste management, have been a matter of great debate for people residing in Dwarka. Residents of the area are so vexed with the current situation they blame the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), for the sad state of affairs across the sub-city. 

Market areas are the worst-hit due to this problem. Locals allege that despite repeated requests, several formal and informal complaints made to the civic body concerned, the spots to dump garbage are yet to be designated. Besides, the dustbins provided by the civic body are not sufficient, looking at the quantity of waste which gets generated daily. 

RK Mishra, a resident of Harmony Apartments (Sector 4) said, “On one hand, the SDMC is struggling to find a permanent solution whereas, on the other, public does not seem to be cooperative. As a result, the markets areas are suffering a lot.”

However, people admitted that trucks do come to the market areas located in Sectors 4, 6, 10 and 12 every day in the morning to collect and clear the garbage from the roadsides or footpaths but no action is being taken on those who throw garbage on roads. The situation is worse in markets across Sector 7.

Residents are of the view the SDMC is not strict enough to take action against those who violate the set norms. 

Mahesh Gupta, general secretary of the RWA of SFS (Sector 5) said, “I feel pity for them because they could not even decide what to do and how to do.”

All sorts of waste can be seen thrown outside and nearby these markets. Besides, the installation of blue and green dustbins, which are empty most of the time, mocks the concept of Clean India mission. Moreover, there is no fear of punishment or prosecution among the violators, feel residents.

People across the sub-city said the corporation becomes strict when it comes to making societies follow waste management bylaws. It puts pressure on their RWAs or the management bodies by sending notices but the irony is the same civic body fails to send a single notice to these market areas.

"Be it encroachment, dumping of garbage or violation of corporation rules, they are often in safe position because they have a strong influence of political leaders and local administration. This is what makes the whole Clean India campaign concept a failure in reality,” general secretary of the RWA, Studio Apartments, (Sector 16B) Ramesh Mumukshu concluded.

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