GreNo West: Issues galore plague AOA formation at Panchsheel Greens
GreNo West: Issues galore plague AOA formation at Panchsheel Greens
Praveen Dwivedi
GreNo West: Issues galore plague AOA formation at Panchsheel Greens
Photo: Samrat Roy

GreNo West: Issues galore plague AOA formation at Panchsheel Greens

Amid conflict between various factions of residents and builder at Panchsheel Greens, a highrise in Greater Noida West, there is no clarity over the election of Apartment Owners Association (AOA) in the society.

The top management of the society (builder) was of the view that residents must conduct election as soon as possible and take handover. Contrary to that, residents say they are not getting full cooperation from the builder to complete the election process.

Talking to City Spidey, Anuj Chowdhary, director (Panchsheel Group) said that conflict between different factions of residents and dues of maintenance charges has caused delay in the AOA election.

“Around 200 flat owners have paid their maintenance charges but it is less than half of the total number of flats. The management had partially withdrawn services only because maintenance charges are due from last 6 months. Now, we have decided not to continue services after March 31. We have asked residents to elect AOA and take handover of the management facility,” Chowdhary added.

But, it is not the only reason which is causing delay in AOA election. The election committee (EC) was to conduct the election but they are yet to receive final voter list from the management.

Piyush Kaushal, a resident, who is one of the EC member, talking to City Spidey said, “It’s been nearly six months we have been working on it. We are given task to conduct fair election but how is it possible when the required documents are not available. From last six weeks, we have been spending our valuable time for preparation.”

Mode of payment to the management have been another reason for conflict. The management said that payments will be acceptable only by cheque. However, the residents are of the view that the management should accept payment online also.

There are also many flat owners who have flats in Panchsheel Greens but they live outside the city. They have been complaining about the mode of payment.

Manoj Girla, who is a flat owner but lives in Mumbai said, “Today, I called the management to enquire about the maintenance charge. I was told to pay through cheque. I am unable to understand why they are not accepting online payments. Earlier, they used to accept online payments. Should I visit Greater Noida West only to make payment for maintenance charge? This is completely illogical.”

When asked on this issue, Anuj Chowdhary replied, “We are not demanding advance maintenance charges because we have decided not to continue services after March 31. We are demanding our dues and don’t think payment through cheque is a big issue. Those living outside can deposit their cheque via courier.”

It is bit surprising that the process for forming AOA have been in the news since October last year. As it was reported earlier, the date of March 3 was fixed for election. However, dues of maintenance charges became obstacle and the election went into backburner.

Amit Yadav, a resident said, “The management say they are not withholding election then why they have not handed over final voter list and money to conduct the election. All the flat owners have paid Rs 1000 for formation of AOA during the possession of flats. That money should be given to EC for election expenses.”

Another major conflict is the proposal which says that weightage of votes should vary according to the floor area ratio of the flats. Like, if an apartment’s floor area ratio is bigger, then the weightage of the votes should also be higher. One group says election should be conducted complying rules prescribed under the UP Apartment Act which clearly mention floor area ratio.

It was also informed that General Body Meeting (GBM) would possibly be held on coming Sunday to discuss the issue.

However, it is also not clear whether the GBM will be held on that day or not. The meeting hall, where GBM used to happen, has been already booked for other purpose. However, residents said, “GBM must be held so that a final decision can be taken. If hall is already booked for another function then GBM can be held in part area.”