EXCLUSIVE: GreNo Authority declares SKS School’s building unfit to run classes
EXCLUSIVE: GreNo Authority declares SKS School’s building unfit to run classes
Praveen Dwivedi
EXCLUSIVE: GreNo Authority declares SKS School’s building unfit to run classes
Photo: City Spidey

EXCLUSIVE: GreNo Authority declares SKS School’s building unfit to run classes

Following the protest by concerned parents, the officials of Greater Noida Authority have found during the inspection that the under-construction building is not in a condition to run classes at SKS School in Sector 16.

The agitated parents had already abhorred during protest that the building was not fit to run classes. They raised the issue after the school management’s decision to start session in a new building which was still under construction.

Now, the inspection team of officials has decided to issue show cause notice as the school’s management had almost put the kids’ life in danger.

When City Spidey asked whether the authority had granted completion certificate (CC) to the school, one of the officials said, “We have inspected the building and found that the building is not fit to run classes. We will send notice to the school in the matter.”

However, the official did not disclose whether CC was given to the school management. “At this stage, I can’t say whether CC was given or not. We will investigate and then say anything,” official added.

The issue was brought to the fore by the joint efforts of some of the parents and members of Noida Extension Flat Owners Association (NEFOWA). They had raised the issue before the district administration and Greater Noida Authority.

It was reported on April 1 that a group of parents, whose children were enrolled in the school, had protested against school management’s decision to shift nursery and pre-nursery classes in new building instead of existing building which is located few metres away.

Parents had raised this issue in a meeting with school management and had sought response whether the school management has received CC from the Authority and No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department of the Greater Noida.

Parents were agitated that the school management didn’t tell them about the latest development until someone raised a question about the facilities during the orientation session on March 30. However, they were assured that the school management has received all the required certificates from all government authorities.

However, a senior official associated with Fire Department in Greater Noida informed that the school management had applied for NOC four-five months back and the same was granted.

“The school management had applied for NOC for up to ground plus two floors and I had personally visited for inspection of the building. Then, fire equipment were installed there. But now it is a four-five storey building and the Fire Department has not granted NOC,” official said on condition of anonymity.

Parents also alleged that they were informed about the new session beginning in a new building after they had paid the fees and other charges.

“During the orientation program on Saturday, they told us that they are shifting pre nursery, nursery and prep in a building, which is under construction,” Gaurav Sharma, whose child is in nursery, told City Spidey.

Later when some parents visited the new site couple of days back, they were shocked to see that the building was still under construction. They feared that anything could happen to their kids.

“Few of us went there to see that the new building is almost two kilometres away from the school. And, we were shocked when we reached there. Floors are yet to be done and there was no whitewash on the wall. This building has no basic facilities for a child to study there. If we send our wards there, any mishap can happen anytime,” said another parent.

Manish Kumar Tiwari, whose four-year-old daughter was enrolled for KG -1 talking to City Spidey said, “We are really worried that our daughter will go to her class in such a such a building which is under construction.”