Encroachments become nuisance for Sec 119 residents; authorities 'busy'
Encroachments become nuisance for Sec 119 residents; authorities 'busy'
Ramesh Kumar
Encroachments become nuisance for Sec 119 residents; authorities 'busy'
Photo: City Spidey

Encroachments become nuisance for Sec 119 residents; authorities 'busy'

Residents of Sector 119 are facing tough times these days. Reason? The number of stalls, including eateries, vegetables, flowers, and other essential items, is gradually increased in the area, causing huge trouble for locals and commuters.

The stalls could be seen on both sides of the stretch between four residential societies in Sector 119 and 120. People alleged that what used to be convenience earlier has become a nuisance now for all. 

If that was not enough, cars can be seen parked inappropriately on the road, making it difficult for commuters and other vehicles to move freely. As a result, causing traffic jams frequently for hours.

Shailendra Malik, a resident of the sector, got stuck in the jam on this particular stretch Friday evening. Vexed by the situation, he took some pictures of the spot and posted it on the Twitter handles of Noida Police, City Traffic Police and Noida Authority, urging them to initiate action against such encroachments

Malik, in his Twitter post, also shared an image in which people can be seen consuming liquor in open. Citing this scene as a consequence of illegal shops cropping up in the vicinity, he raised serious questions on the poor law and order situation prevailing the area. Sadly, he is yet to get a reply from the authorities concerned.

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, Ved Prakash, a resident said, "Number of stalls have multiplied over past few months. Earlier, there were 3 to 4 stalls facing Amrapali Zodiac, Gaur Grandeur and others. There are stalls encroaching private schools too. The situation is worse here."

"This area will get congested badly if not managed properly," he added.

People are of the view that Noida Authority, which used to carry out anti-encroachment drives in the past, is failing to conduct such raids due to which such stalls have cropped up in recent times.

When we spoke to one of the officials from the authority to know about their course of action, he said, "We all are busy with election-related work. Once it gets over, we will take action against such stall vendors."