GreNo West: SKS School clueless about new building, prep kids' future
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GreNo West: SKS School clueless about new building, prep kids' future

On Saturday, parents of prep class students visited the under-construction building and decided not to send their children to school till the work is complete.

GreNo West: SKS School clueless about new building, prep kids' future Nearly 300 parents gathered outside the school gate on Saturday morning to meet the management officials.

Parents of nearly 300 kids who had enrolled for prep class in SKS School, Greater Noida West, are a worried lot as the school management is yet to announce from when the session will start and in which building the classes will be held.

The uncertainty has arisen as the under-construction building – where prep classes were originally decided to start from April 8 – had landed into a controversy with parents questioning its safety for their kids.

The parents said that they had received a message from the school management on Saturday morning asking them to join a meeting at the school. Nearly 100 parents assembled at the gate in the morning. But later alleged that they weren’t allowed to enter the school.

Parents raised questions as to why their entry was barred in the school and started an agitation outside the gate. The school management then called the local police to intervene. However, parents stood firm on their decision to meet the school management.

Finally, two parents were allowed to meet the principal of the school and during the meeting, as informed to City Spidey, they were assured that classes will start soon after they receive required approvals from the government authorities.

Anupam Mishra, one of the parents who met with the school principal, said, “We tried to convince the management that it would be better if senior classes, which are already running in the old building, are shifted to the evening slot. This way, prep classes can run in the morning time until the new building is complete and required approvals are obtained. We clearly told the principal that parents are ready to adjust but no one will send their kids to the new building until the authorities give permission. The principal has assured us that they would get permission to run classes in the new building by April 14.”

“Nearly 100 parents had assembled here but no one was allowed to enter the school. Only after police intervened, two persons were allowed to meet the principal. But, still we haven’t got any concrete reply,” said Vijoy Konwar, one of the parents.

The parents said that even though the school management has given April 14 as the date to start the new session, they will only allow their children to attend classes in the new building once the school management receives all required approvals from government agencies including, completion certificates and non-objection certificates from the fire department.

Parents, who visited the new building today, informed City Spidey that construction work was still going on. Parents told that they had also called Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) to visit the school but no one turned up.

Rajender Bhati, a senior official of Greater Noida Authority, who had earlier inspected the building, talking to City Spidey, said, “Authority will grant CC or OC only when the building is complete but permission to run the school in the building is not the authority’s role. In last inspection, it was declared that the building is not complete.”