Not a drop to drink but so much to waste!
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Not a drop to drink but so much to waste!

Greater Noida’s NSG Society, Sector Pi-6, witnesses sheer wastage of water despite its acute shortage.

Not a drop to drink but so much to waste! A view of the park where water is being wasted.

At a time when most residential societies of Greater Noida are reeling under the scarcity of water, there are a few places in the city where water is being wasted.

In NSG Society, a residential colony in Sector Pi-6, wastage of water is a regular affair. But, the irony is that no one seems to be bothered in spite of the fact that residents have been facing an acute water crisis themselves.

Indu Thakur, a resident, said, “We are not getting adequate water supply in our homes but water is being wasted from the motor installed in the society’s park regularly.”

Gajender Singh, another resident, said, “Water is being wasted in the park but there is hardly any grass or plants that need to be watered there.”

Curbing the wastage is being hindered by differences between the Sahkari Awas Samiti, the body that manages the society, and the RWA. It seems no one is willing get caught in the cross-fire between the two bodies. The RWA blames the Sahkari Awas Samiti for the wastage of water. According to a RWA member, “Until fresh RWA elections are held in the society, the RWA is powerless and the Samiti is to be blamed for this criminal waste of water.” The Samiti has been managing the society since its inception.