Noida: Residents turn out to vote in huge numbers at Sec 78
Noida: Residents turn out to vote in huge numbers at Sec 78
Ramesh Kumar
Noida: Residents turn out to vote in huge numbers at Sec 78
Photo: City Spidey

Noida: Residents turn out to vote in huge numbers at Sec 78

The residents, belonging to luxurious apartments in Sector 78 at Noida, are hardly seen standing in long queues. But the story was totally different during the polls on Thursday. They were all pumped up as they came out to vote. They didn’t even mind the long queues.

It was also seen that the residents started gathering at the polling booths at sharp 7 am in the morning. Most of them were found to have skipped their offices to queue up at the polling station - Manthan School in Sector 78.

Within half an hour from the start of polling, the queue extended to up to 500 metres. There were four queues where women and men voters were waiting for their turns.

As it was morning hours, they wanted to exercise their power first before they take breakfast and also to avoid heat of daytime. Lokesh Agarwal, a resident of Sector 78, said that as polling station was close to the society, office goers decided to complete their duties of voting first.

After exercising franchise, he said that he wanted development of roads and mass transit. He said that government should think of initiating action for making cities free from congestion and pollution.

The same kind of enthusiasm was also observed at polling booths at Parthala Khanjarpur and Sarfabad villages. Long queues of voters were spotted.

Mohan Singh, a resident said that all these villages are surrounded by high rise apartments where residents are in huge number. They are well educated and know their duties and power of voting as well. This is the reason that these polling booths witnessed more voters.

Some of the Apartment Owners Associations (AOA) arranged transport facilities from their respective societies to polling booths for their fellow residents.

Vivek Singh, a resident of Sector 77, said that polling booths for many residents were not close to their societies. That's why societies made transport arrangements. It was free of cost.

Another resident, S Prakash said that aiming that everyone from the society votes, the management arranged e-rickshaws as shuttle service to the polling stations. Such kind of arrangement was seen for the first time.