Dwarka: Road cuts on dividers risk commuters' lives; residents demand closure

A biker using the cut to reach Sector 4 market
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 20, 2019

Roads in the sub-city are unsafe for commuters due to several reasons but cuts on the dividers across the area make these stretches more dangerous for all!

Be it market areas, major intersections or any master plan road, such cuts can be seen everywhere across the area. People use such cuts to avoid traffic jams and reach their destinations, violating set norms.

One such cut is at Ashirwad Chowk, which gives access to people to reach Sector 4's market. It is absolutely illegal as it has been made by destroying the footpath. Vehicles like scooters, motorbikes and even rickshaws can be seen using that cut frequently, without any fear of law.

While talking to City Spidey on this issue, Ragini Singh, a resident of Sector 4 said, “This cut has emerged in the last six months. People have made it a habit to break the law, making the road accident-prone. Traffic and local police are aware of this but they are yet to take action. The irony is that there is a police booth in the market near the road but the situation is still the same!”

Besides, such cuts can be seen on the dividers of the master plan roads too. Couple of them can be spotted on the divider of the road from Sambhav Chowk (Sector 13/14) towards Vidyut Chowk (Sector 12/13) through ISKCON temple. Cars and school vans can be seen plying through this cut frequently.

“I have seen school vans carrying kids from this cut! I mean, these are so risky as there is always a chance of head-on collision. Moreover, the vehicles move fast on the stretch. This is really dangerous as it can claim anyone's life. Such cuts must be closed immediately,” stated Rakesh Sinha, a resident of Metro View Apartments (Sector 13).

Residents of the area have been raising the issue in the meetings with police but sadly, prompt action is still awaited.

Speaking to City Spidey on the subject, Archana Andley (traffic inspector) said, “We have taken the matter into our concern and will do the needful.”

“Some of the cuts have already been closed and the rest would be closed soon,” Andley concluded.


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