Residents across Noida find unique way to compost kitchen waste!
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Residents across Noida find unique way to compost kitchen waste!

"This method is easy, convenient and affordable as compared to pit composting," feel residents and organisers of the workshop conducted recently.

Residents across Noida find unique way to compost kitchen waste!

Various talks, discussions, meetings have been held in the past and are being organised across Delhi-NCR and other cities to understand, manage and compost kitchen waste.

In this process, one such initiative in the form of a workshop titled 'Wet and Dry Waste Segregation' was organised recently at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra in which more than 250 residents of various sectors across the city participated.

A unique concept and a fully organic method called 'Matka Composting' was presented during the workshop which was liked by all.

''It is easy and affordable as well. You just need to follow some steps. It is like watering saplings or your flower pots'', said Garima Tripathi, a resident of Homes-121, one of the luxury residential societies, located in Noida.

Akash Arya, working as a coordinator with NGO Jaago Bharat, explained the method in detail to City Spidey, “Firstly, you need things like a matka (pot), powder of coconut cells and Neem Khali. These are easily available in the market. Then put powder and wet waste in the pot. Repeat the process until the pot is filled with wet waste. After 20-30 days, you will see the mixture naturally converting into manure.”

“It is cost effective as well. We, as an NGO who have introduced this concept, are providing people two pots, soil made covers and powder for just Rs 450. Since coconut cell and neem khali powder are naturally degraded manure, residents do not have to purchase them,” added Arya.

“Though pit composting is also a good option, it is a bit lengthy process which needs enough space to carry out. So, I would request all to go for matka as it is easy and convenient to implement at one's home,” Tripathi concluded.