GreNo: Frequent burglaries despite security system cause panic among residents
GreNo: Frequent burglaries despite security system cause panic among residents
Praveen Dwivedi
GreNo: Frequent burglaries despite security system cause panic among residents
Photo: City Spidey

GreNo: Frequent burglaries despite security system cause panic among residents

Two cases of burglary in broad daylight have put residents in feeling of anxiety at Fusion Homes Society in Greater Noida West. The burglaries have happened despite the fact that high rise societies have a system of security in place.

The thieves broke into the flats by breaking the doors while the couples had gone to their offices. When they came back from offices, they got to know about the incident.

The victims immediately informed the police about the incident. During their investigation, police found CCTV cameras, installed in the society, in defunct state. Both the couples lost big amount of money and jewellery in the incident.

People are pointing to the loopholes in the security system. They suspect callousness on the part of the security personnel deployed at the apartment.

Prateek Gupta, whose flat is on 13th floor, lost Rs 50,000 cash and jewelleries worth Rs 4 lakh whereas Pradeep Gupta, whose flat is on 15th floor, lost Rs 9 lakh cash, as they claimed in their separate FIRs lodged in local police station.

The working residents were especially worried as they have no option but to leave the flats for offices every day. They demanded better security mechanism to address the situation.

Pradeep Gupta, talking to City Spidey said, “When police reached the society and asked to show CCTV footages, one of the security guard replied that they do not have direct access to CCTV footages as it is operated from somewhere else. Nothing could be worse than this. These cameras were installed nearly two months back and most of them are non-functional.”

It is not the first incident when burglaries have happened in broad daylight at high rises in Noida or Greater Noida area. Rising number of such incidents pose serious questions to security system in posh areas.

For instance, on December 28 last year, burglaries were reported from Panchsheel Greens 2 where doors of three flats were broken in broad daylight.

Manish Kumar, a resident Greater Noida said, “Repeated theft incidents in broad day light is clear indication of failure of security system in high rises as well as inefficacy of local police. If the belongings are not safe despite security system then one can sense vulnerability to other crimes as well.”

“Whenever such kind of incidents happen in high rises, two kinds of development come – either the management replaces the security agency or the security guards. Similarly, police lodge complaints but the investigations run for several days without any concrete development,” he added.

Absence of proper communication between the management and residents is another problem. Residents have often alleged that the management does not pay heed to the security issues.

Residents alleged that there is always one-way communication – if the management issues any circular regarding any development, the residents respond but when residents want any clarification, they struggle to get response from the management.

Dhiraj Singh, a resident of Fusion Homes said, “We become helpless when the management, which is directly responsible for security of residents, does not cooperate. Residents often talk about maintenance charges but there are no discussions on improving security at the societies.”