Dwarka voters list out issues ahead of polling in general elections
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Dwarka voters list out issues ahead of polling in general elections

"Will vote for the representative who can actually deliver instead of paying lip-service," say people of the sub-city.

Dwarka voters list out issues ahead of polling in general elections

It has been local issues for the people of Dwarka to vote in municipal and legislative polls. General elections are not an exception.

Considered as planned sub-city by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), residents across the area have been struggling with issues related to sanitation, infra, environment, and others. They stated these were the issues for them in the past and are at present as well.

Though the leaders claim they have worked for the development of the sub-city, residents feel there are still some perennial issues which need to be resolved and they will make sure those are taken care of post the elections.

Talking on the subject, Rejimon CK, an RTI activist and member of Dwarka Forum said, “Almost 90 per cent of Dwarka is under DDA's jurisdiction. The said authority comes under Central Government, so the member of parliament is responsible for the works carried out by the DDA. I would like to say that nothing has been done so far under his supervision. Despite the court's order to evacuate road in Dabri area, DDA is yet to resolve the issue. Therefore, voters across Dwarka will keep this in mind while casting their vote on May 12.”

Besides, issues related to sanitation are a major concern for the voters across the sub-city ahead of polling.

Rakesh Kalsi from Vinayak Apartments (Sector 10) said, “It is disappointing that despite several promises and initiatives, nothing substantial has happened on this front. Community composting is still a big failure and waste management is nowhere to be seen on the ground. So, this is a key issue which will influence voters in the region.”

In addition to this, people across Dwarka have complained that there is a lack of internal transport system. Being a long-pending issue, it was never addressed in a serious manner, residents stated.

Ramesh Mumukshu, a resident of Sector 16B said, “I travel in DTC buses but the options are very limited here in Dwarka. The department concerned should think upon it as many internal sectors are still deprived of accessing the city due to lack of internal transport system.”

Environment-related matters are also a major concern for Dwarkaites. They have been keeping a close watch on the activities and initiatives taken by the central and state government to develop and making the area green and clean. People expect a concrete, actionable plan in return for their valuable votes.

“Political parties and leaders have been least concerned with this subject. So, we want a representative who is environmentally conscious. The state of pollution in Delhi is known to all. So, one who promises to provide us with the best solution will get our votes,” said P Bhel, ex-president of RWA (Sector 8).