Dwarka: Residents want MP who would address issues with humane feeling
Dwarka: Residents want MP who would address issues with humane feeling
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Residents want MP who would address issues with humane feeling
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra

Dwarka: Residents want MP who would address issues with humane feeling

The residents, belonging to one of the most planned localities, Dwarka, have their own set agendas to go for polling on May 12. They are making their priorities clear ahead of the polling to elect their representative from the area. They pointed out the common issues which are at the micro level and needs immediate attention.

People are assessing how these issues have been discussed by the representatives of the different political parties in last five years. They are closely monitoring the meetings of different candidates to see whether they are eager to address those issues or not.

The delay in the government hospital project is one such issue which is agitating the residents. The deadlines have not been met. Despite the subject being in the jurisdiction of the state government, the community is still looking for an MP who could address such larger issues in effective manner. 

Smriti Sahu, a resident of Sector 10, said, “It is really frustrating that this well-planned city does not have a government hospital. The project is under progress as the construction for the building is on for a long time. We need an MP who can take up this issue keeping away the political differences. The city needs better health facilities.”

People also pointed out the issues such as problems with entry and exit points in Dwarka and lack of recreational facilities. 

A theatre artist and resident of Ispatika Apartments, MP Singh said, “Improvement of entry and exit points is a dire need as it remains in big chaos. Besides, there is only one auditorium which is aso not in use due to some technical issues. Our representative should look into these issues.”

Singh further added that the representative must be humble, kind-hearted and well connected to the community.

Romila Gandhi, a senior citizen of True Friends Apartments, faces difficulties in accessing footpaths. For her, maintenance of footpaths is big issue. She said, “The person, who could be approached easily and the one who would think about water conservation and environment, would be my choice.”

On the other hand, the RWAs and managements of societies in the area are thinking about voting for the representative who would be able to take up the civic issues inside the societies. General secretary of Studio Apartments, Ramesh Mumukshu said, “We would vote for the person who would be taking care of our issues.”

One of the major factors, which seemed prominent and common in the versions of the people, was that they want a representative who could be a grass root level leader and easily approached. They want an MP who would listen to their grievances with a humane feeling.